Our Annual General Meeting will be held in Mission BC this year.

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After a re-examination of current resources and demand, Social Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux announced that government is restoring a number of medically necessary medical equipment and supplies for clients on income and disability assistance.

India Polio Free

It's official: India is no longer polio-endemic, leaving just three countries left to conquer.

Report of the Independent Monitoring Board

I have included the report from the Independent Monitoring Board as it gives great insight to the position on polio eradication around the world. The story is one of challenge, while India has remained polio free for a year other countries have slipped into the abyss and regressed to the point that are showing a gain in polio outbreaks.

GF STrong

We have a temporary hold on new referrals to our Neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) outpatient program, due to our waitlist of one year. New referrals are still being accepted and will be kept on hold for consideration when our waitlist has reached our goal of 2-4 months. We will also make recommendations regarding other services and resources available to you in the community.

Rotary Inducted into Polio Hall of Fame

RI and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative will be inducted into the Polio Hall of Fame at the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation next month.

Scott Wasserman reports

Polio. It's a disease we rarely talk about anymore because the last known case in the U.S. was nearly 30 years ago. But as many as 40-percent of those who contracted the disease then are now suffering from post-polio syndrome. That's the bad news. The good news is a new therapy that's giving hope to many who have suffered through decades of muscle weakness, joint pain, and fatigue. Scott Wasserman reports. See the video report ..  here (link no longer available). 

Better Than a Cure, One Man’s Journey to Free the World of Polio

In April 2010 Ramesh released his first book entitled, Better Than a Cure, One Man’s Journey to Free the World of Polio. The books are available for $19.55 online at www.amazon.com, proceeds benefit Rotary PolioPlus for a Polio Free World.

Paul Harris Fellow

PPASS BC President Joan Toone Receives the Prestigious Paul Harris Fellow award from Rotary International District 5020.

Our president, Joan Toone, together with fellow polio survivor and Rotary member, Denny Wilford, from Port Orchard WA, were each presented with a Paul Harris Fellow award by Rotary District 5020 Governor Norm Watts at the 2008 District Conference, held in Parksville BC on May 31st.

President's Commendation

Joan Toone was very surprised when she visited the Rotary Club of Victoria on Monday. Past President Rick Stolle stood up and began talking about her work in the field of Polio. The club had asked Terry to sign a paper without telling him what was being done so it was a wonderful surprise for both of them.

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