Our Mission

The mission of the Post Polio Awareness and Support Society of British Columbia (PPASS BC) is to provide support and information to:

  • those who had polio
  • family, friends and interested members of the community
  • those who now have Post Polio Syndrome so they do not feel overwhelmed and alone

PPASS BC is a non-profit society that is the link to:

  • members within our Area Groups
  • members and our Board of Directors
  • members and the Provincial office in Victoria
  • a forum for all people and groups to discuss their situation and how best to deal with it.

At PPASS BC we provide our members with:

  • bi-monthly newsletters - PPASS NEWS - containing articles of interest, helpful - ideas, stories, upcoming events and a central medical insert.
  • mini conferences with speakers, presenters, displays and information within local communities for our members, their families and supporters and the  medical community.
  • access to our Resource Center which provides articles, books, audio and video tapes, CDs 

PPASS BC brings awareness to the community by:

  • providing educational information and presentations about polio and PPS
  • dissemination of information about the facts, research and treatments available for those with Post Polio Syndrome
  • information about assistive devices and helpful suggestions for life 

We believe that knowledge is power and PPASS BC will continue to bring awareness to our communities. We encourage members of the medical community to contact us for information about polio and post polio. We strongly support our members and remind them that PPASS BC is there for them - they are not alone.